The History of Our Company

Jesus said, Let the little children come unto me.

Janie ToddI have always felt the call to work with children and God has always opened doors where he wanted to send me. After the birth of my first daughter Amy in June 1982, I made the decision to stay at home and opened a small Home Childcare service. During the first 3 months of staying at home my pastor Sam Jones, called and asked me if I had ever considered opening a Christian pre-school. Quite overwhelmed with motherhood at the time, I remember thinking “Oh my, not now.” However, God had planted a seed that would remain in my heart.

In the winter of 1984, I felt the call to pursue Pastor Sam’s idea. During that time, God had put a new friend in my path, a former teacher Patty Leonard, who also was providing Home Childcare. Together she joined me on an adventure that would change the lives of both children and adults in the Fauquier community forever!

We began with licensing regulations which started a path towards opening a center for Warrenton Baptist church. After being involved with many meetings that involved church members and Pastor Sam a presentation was made in May of 1984 and at the conclusion of that meeting the church body voted to begin a Christian Preschool with extended daycare.

We were given $3000 from our church family which allowed us to buy cots, cubbies, sheets, and consumable items!! Boy have things changed over the years!!! After 3 months of meeting licensing deadlines, painting, creating a playground, and hiring 2 staff members Warrenton Baptist Tiny Tots opened its doors in August 1984 as the first Christian Preschool and Extended Daycare in Fauquier County. We began with 13 children and with in a month we had an active waiting list that has remained ongoing.

Pastor Sam at one time said to me “This has been the upbringing of a child for you.” and I might add with the help of too many people to thank individually but who I am forever grateful. Amy and Maggie my youngest child agree with Pastor Sam as well and have been my greatest supporters as well as employees of the center!!!  Presently, I consult for the center while working for Fauquier County Public Schools and Patty moved to Richmond and resumed her teaching career in Special Education. As always, Tiny Tots will always remain in our hearts as a gift we were able to help create in the name of Christ.

As my mother often said “Life goes full circle.” Many of our graduates have pursued a variety of careers in medicine, teaching, business, ministry, as well as many other career paths. What better reward than to know we have touched their lives and they will share the love of Christ with others.  Presently, we are enrolling children of our past “Tiny Totters” as well as continually employing former graduates on a regular basis. So the full circle continues.  The center now has 100 children, a staff of 30, and a commercial kitchen!!!  Isn’t God great!!!

As I reminisce over the past 30 years it remains clear that God placed Tiny Tots in the heart of the Fauquier community to share the unconditional love of his son Jesus to our children. However, if you asked our past and present staff, parents and their extended family members, and church and community friends it has been the creation of lifelong relationships that have supported one another through celebrations and held one another in sorrow. As one dear friend said “Everything and everyone goes through Tiny Tots!”   As I close, I am absolutely sure that God continually smiles down on Tiny Tots, because after all we were his plan all along.

In Christ Love,

Janie Todd
Director 1984 – 1990