Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms

Our Pre-Kindergarten classes are filled with adventurous and inquisitive little people. Some more text on why we have two classes set up…

Blue Class

Here at Tiny Tots, the Blue Classroom keeps quite busy!  We enjoy weekly units that allow exploration through play, songs, learning activities, and physical movements.  Our classroom is divided into 7 learning centers that allow for creativity and social interaction throughout the day.

Blue Classroom Area

Blue Classroom

Daily Schedule


Red Class

The Red Classroom offers a language-rich, hands-on environment that builds children’s confidence toward success in kindergarten using the Virginia Standards of Learning.  Energetic lessons engage children for optimal spiritual, academic, social, and emotional learning while enhancing personal ownership of their learning and behavior.

Red Classroom Area

Red Classroom

Daily Schedule


NOTE: Please visit our Schedule page to stay updated on when Tiny Tots Care Center will be closed.